To be developed this weekend

For the next update i’m going to deliver some quality of life elements to the server/website. See below some of the changes: Buy Sapphire from market (free during BETA, still haven’t thought how it will work on live server; Create a set of 0 option JC items in store after quest completion through website Level […]

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Update v0.3

I just implemented some changes to drop tables and added some special mobs for special drops. See below: Lost Tayan 2 now have Chief Chaos Greed spawn just like Hilamon Fixed Hilamon respawn Fixed loot drop of Chief Chaos Greed Gender item bug should be fixed Added a Sapphire drop in Eisen 2 from Santa […]

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Update v0.2

I was able to implement JC Quest via website and made some tweaks on the drop table of Hilamon monsters, that now drop JC gear. Changes JC quest via Website Hilamon monsters dropping JC Gear Blue Bird, Blue Drop and Blue Drop 2 from Hilamon monsters Have fun !

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Client Update v0.1

There’s a new client available for download Changes Fixed 0 seconds buff bug. Translated all NPC text to english (might need improvement on the translation). Monster name in quests now appearing in english. Don’t forget to change your client so these bugs are fixed. Have fun !

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Bloodborne – First Try!

Jackson Isai? Tu quoque … A te quidem a ante. Vos scitis quod blinking res Ive ‘been vocans super vos? Et conteram illud, et conteram hoc. Maledicant druggie excors. Iam hoc tu facere conatus sum ad te in omni tempore? Ludum mutavit. Verbum est ex. Et … sunt occidat. Videtur quod est super omne oppidum. […]

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Coming to Youplay – Dark Souls II

Locutus est tibi? Respondeo dicendum esset iustus? Quæ? Quem populum? Mensis abhinc Gus occidere vellet uterque. Et nunc, utatur LAB et trahit vos de ... quae ... a socio gunman? A lenta guy? Numquid aliquo tibi Et dicit quod videt te. Qualis est is lascivio venatus. Putat quod surdus es? Non potest vere putes quod [...]
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